Unlike other targeting solutions that rely on cookie tracking or browsing history for behavioral profiling, Retail Connect offers a direct line of communication with your light, medium and heavy shoppers by analyzing real-world consumer purchasing patterns.

By zoning in on and identifying individual POS retailer transaction data, Retail Connect provides you with a glimpse into your consumers’ minds and purchasing habits so you’re able to execute more engaging and relevant online campaigns.

Make loyalists out of your customers by learning what they need and offering precisely what they want.

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Retail Connect is the most comprehensive purchase-based retail targeting solution that uses actual point of sale data to reach in-store shoppers via online advertising campaigns.
Specific Media’s partnership with Nielsen and a leading aggregator of retail transaction data provides access to over 90% of credit, debit and store card transaction data.
Combine Retail Connect capabilities with our proprietary Householding™ solution to extend your brand to every member of the household through all of their connected devices.
Increase your ROI online while driving
sales offline.
Specific Media is leading the next phase of the advertising evolution with Retail Connect™, a first of its kind targeting solution that uses actual in-store purchasing data to help identify your consumers online.
Focus on the long-term value of your best customers
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