Advertising to someone on a single device is a thing of the past.

Specific Media’s proprietary Householding technology allows advertisers to target consumers across all connected devices, while the unified measurement system and standardized reporting allow for holistic evaluation of all digital campaigns.

For the first time ever, we are able to accurately report delivery across multiple devices using a single currency. Householding clusters all of the devices into a single household unit with a unique identifier, the IP address, so all connected devices—PCs, tablets, laptops, mobile devices, and connected TVs—are treated as part of the same ecosystem, enabling advertisers to create buzz and measure integrated campaign performance across 65M U.S. households.

Householding not only lets you target the primary decision maker within the household, but also those who influence the purchase decision, utilizing the power of brand advocacy and household interaction.

Impact of multi-device campaign exposure
Source: Nielsen and Specific Media data, Householding Campaigns, Q3-Q4, 2012
Things you should know about Householding from Specific Media
Householding transcends the barriers posed by traditional single-device targeting and places your brand in the modern multi-screen home.
Influence purchasing decisions in the home by reaching every member of the household through all of their connected devices.
Householding's proprietary reporting solution allows you to evaluate all of your digital campaigns for reach, awareness, favorability, purchase and more using a single currency across multiple devices.
Householding Ad Specs
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Targeting Capabilities
Transcend the barriers posed by traditional single-device targeting.
Householding™ simplifies the digital landscape by connecting brands to the multi-screen home through a single source of delivery and reporting.
Specific Media's Householding proven to increase campaign performance
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